Free Will at Quad – Wednesday 26th March

The next philosophical discussion at QUAD will take place on the 26th March at 1830 – 2000. The topic I have chosen is that of Free will and moral responsibility, something the audience can get really engaged with. Free will is a classic philosophical problem and while the traditional arguments will be examined, I will bring the debate into the 21st century with an exploration of recent scientific discoveries and real life case studies.

To book your free place visit the QUAD website here:

Here is the blurb about the night:

Get Real Philosophical Discussions: Free Will and Moral Responsibility

Do we have free will or are the decisions we make pre-determined by factors beyond our control? If we could not have acted otherwise, can we be held morally responsible for our actions? Many recent discoveries in cognitive science seem to challenge traditional notions of free will and responsibility. Within courtrooms “my brain made me do it” is becoming an increasingly common defence. Philosopher Andrew Garford Moore and guest speaker Joe Saunders will examine these issues in two presentations, followed by a general audience discussion.

The discussion will be informal, will not assume any prior philosophical knowledge and is open to all. Audience participation is very much encouraged but not essential. This is a great opportunity to think and talk about the problems of philosophy in the wonderful setting of QUAD’s gallery space.

I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope to see you there!

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