Philosophical discussion – Photography as Art – 1 April 2015

The next philosophical discussion ‘Photography as Art’ is scheduled for 1 April and will be held at Derby QUAD at 1830-2000

The Format international photography festival is coming to Derby from 13 March to 12 April so what better opportunity to have a debate about the philosophy of photography and art. Al Baker of the University of Sheffield will be the guest speaker and he has some interesting and challenging ideas about photography as a form of art. Here’s the blurb:

A philosophical exploration of the nature of photography and the artistic uses that photography can be put to.

Expect a lively and thought provoking discussion on what kinds of photographs can count as what kinds of art, how philosophers have posed and answered challenges concerning the artistic limits of photography, and why the theme of this year’s FORMAT festival – evidence – might be an important source of insight on these questions

As usual the speakers will take about 50 minutes and the remaining 40 minutes or so will involve an audience discussion of the issues raised. All are welcome and free to contribute to the discussion as much or as little as they want. I’m hoping that they’ll be plenty of people in the audience with views on the matter so we can have a great exchange of ideas.

As always the event is totally free but due to limited places you’ll need to reserve your place through QUAD here

If you have any questions please feel to email me at the email on the poster below.

GR Poster

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