Democracy Discussion at Derby Quad – 21 October 2015 1830-2000

Always a hot topic, the next philosophical discussion at Derby Quad will focus on the concept of democracy. We’ll be considering what makes a democratic society, what the value of democracy is, and whether the society we live in can be considered truly democratic.

We’ll be welcoming back Joe Saunders as the guest speaker. Joe last joined us back in March 2014 for the discussion on free will. Since then Joe has become Dr Joe and has secured a position at the University of Leeds, so congratulations to him and good luck!

Last time he gave a passionate defence of free will from a Kantian perspective, while I invoked findings from cognitive science to argue against it. We liked the adversarial structure as it really helped to bring out the arguments and give the audience a feel for the shape of the debate, so we’ll be adopting a similar style for the next discussion. We’ll also be trialling a new format, which we hope will increase audience engagement. Rather than the speakers talking for 50 minutes or so before starting the discussion, we’ll be chopping the speakers’ contribution into three and interspersing it with audience discussion. You don’t have to join in, you can sit there and listen if you prefer, but if you do have something you want to say don’t be shy, the atmosphere has always been friendly and welcoming.

As always the aim of these discussions is not to push a particular point of view, but to make to audience question their assumptions, assess the various arguments, and form their own opinions. This is what philosophy is all about.

The discussions are always free of charge, which is important to me, but you need to reserve a place as they are limited. You can do this by visiting the event page on the QUAD website and either booking them through their or calling the number on the page.

Every event so far has been oversubscribed, so if you do book tickets but end up not being able to go please let QUAD know so that someone else can book.

I’m looking forward to an excellent discussion.

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